Types of Silk Sarees with their origin

Silk saree is the pride of our deeply rooted artistic culture. We grew up looking at our mother, and our aunts wearing different types of silk saree sometimes. That was when most of us decided to have the best collection of Indian made silk sarees. Today, let's help you choose 6 different silk saree for your wardrobe!

Banarasi Silk Saree- Banarasi saree comes from Varanasi, which is considered one of the best varieties of the saree in India. They are famous for their gorgeous embroidery, gold and silver shavings, and gorgeous silk. This saree is made of fine silk fabric and decorated with intricate designs, making the saree look relatively heavy.

Kanjivaram Silk Saree- Originated in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, Kanjivaram silk saree is the saree in which the edges of the saree and the body are woven separately and then locked together. Various Kanjivaram silk saree types feature wide contrasting borders such as checks, temple borders, stripes, and bots. Most of the patterns and patterns found in the Kanjivaram saree are inspired by the scriptures and images of South Indian temples.

Tussar Silk Saree- The Tussar silk saree is made from the larvae of several species of silk moth of the genus Antheraea. Tasser Silk Saree is highly regarded for its deep, natural golden color and rich texture. The fiber used in Tasser Silk Saree is the main product of Tasser Silk as it is used as the basic material for textiles, handicrafts, and tailored garments. With the introduction of different chemical dyes, there are different colors.

Tanchui Silk Saree- Tanchui Silk Saree is a type of silk saree with a floral motif. The woven pattern that follows this Tanshoi silk saree is the Varanasi straight saree. Basically, these sarees have no borders, but the pal and the borders are different from each other. Tanchui Silk Saree is woven to accentuate brocade-like effects.

Uppada Silk Saree- Uppada Silk saree comes from a town called Uppada in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Also known as Uppada Pattu (Telugu silk), the Uppada Silk saree is made using traditional Jamdani methods. Uppada is known for its exclusive design within it and is generally made of cotton laces. Craftsmen also use many Zari works in the beautiful designs of the Uppada Silk Saree.

Linen Silk Saree- In Indian history, flax has been mentioned several times in scriptures and ancient literature, such as the Vedas, Prana, and Upanishads. Linen is a rare blend of fabrics that conveys "elegance" and comfort at the same time. It is a versatile fabric that allows you to try out a variety of curtains. The softness and richness of the linen fabric and the classic look, and the slightly glossy finish of the linen silk saree, are the perfect combination to give fashion a modern touch.

India has a wide variety of silk sarees, the above being the most popular. Varanasi, West Bengal, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh are famous cities for silk saree in India.

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